Key Staff

Kar Woo, Program Director

Artist and businessman Kar Woo started AHH as a way to fund a Sunday meal program for the homeless community near his gallery. Under Woo’s leadership, AHH quickly grew into one of Kansas City’s most effective non-profits, providing discharge planning, housing, and support services for the region’s unhoused community.  A native of Hong Kong, Woo studied business and psychology before putting his 25-year-old art gallery “on hiatus” to run AHH full-time.  Woo brings a fresh perspective and collaborative approach to addressing the challenges facing the unhoused and our community.

Michael Escobar, Community Manager (Johnson & Wyandotte Counties)

Michael Escobar is the Community Manager and Care Coordinator for Concord House in Johnson County and Harbor Lights in Wyandotte County. He works towards expanding connection with service providers across the KC Metro area. Michael is responsible for employee training and certification, and aiding residents to create and implement a personal recovery plan while aligning the needs of the residents with appropriate service providers. A former resident of Bodhi House Michael helped replicate the Be The Change program in Douglas County, rising to the position of Community Manager. He holds certifications as a Kansas Certified Peer Mentor Supervisor, Missouri Certified Peer Specialist, and Missouri Associate Alcohol and Drug Counselor.

Dustin Moore, Community Manager (Douglas County)

Dustin Moore is the Community Manager for Douglas County. He is responsible for operations and community activities at AHH’s locations including Kairos House and Meraki House. Having walked the walk, Dustin provides a role model as well as understanding and sound first-hand advice for residents struggling with addiction. Dustin is a SMART Recovery Facilitator and directly aids the community by hosting meetings for those incarcerated at Douglas County Jail. He holds certifications as a Kansas Peer Support (KPS) Specialist, KPS Manager, KPS Mentor, and holds a bachelor’s degree in business management.

Zach Lehr, Community Manager (KCMO)

Zach Lehr is the Community Manager of Kansas City, Missouri which encompasses the KC Metro area. He is responsible for operations and community activities at AHH’s Bodhi House and Finnegan Place. Zach helps organize and leads the AHH program wide Sunday meeting. He is a former Finnegan Place resident providing current residents a strong role model and proof you can truly hit the reset button. Zach holds certifications as a Missouri Peer Specialist, Medication Awareness Recovery Specialist, and Missouri Associate Alcohol and Drug Counselor.

Tim Krerowicz, Care Coordinator

Tim Krerowicz was a resident of the AHH pilot program that ultimately became Bodhi House and has developed alongside the organization adapting to the needs of the community. Tim fulfils several operational roles for the program in the greater Kansas City area. He is responsible for helping residents create and implement a personal recovery plan, aligning the needs of residents with appropriate service providers in the area. Tim also oversees the connection, communication and collaboration among the program branches. Tim is certified in Trauma Informed Care, Decision Points Facilitation, Understanding Dialectical Behavior Therapy and holds an associate’s degree.

Casey Gallagher, Lead Outreach Specialist

Casey Gallagher oversees the transportation programs in the Greater KC Metro area. The program fills transportation gaps among service providers, AHH residents, and members of the community. During these interactions Casey makes a point to get to know the riders and their challenges, providing important input for the management team. He is trained in Peer Support, Trauma Informed Care, Combatting Compassion Fatigue, Cultural Competency, Harm Reduction and holds an associate degree in hospitality management.

Russ Townsley, Administrative Director

Russ Townsley is the Administrative Director of the AHH Program, coordinating administrative functions throughout the various levels of service. After a decade in public accounting he took charge of administrative duties for the southwest grain division of Continental Grain then advancing to the position of Treasurer or Continental-COF. (He was quite literally; a bean counter). Now retired, Russ fills his role with AHH on a voluntary basis