PitchKC: Ehren Schwarz found hope in weighty matters, and became a beacon for others

Ehren Schwarz at the Artist Helping Homeless Kairos House in Lawrence, KS. The AHH Kairos House offers respite housing and care to men suffering from addiction and mental illness.

In those first pandemic months of 2020, when just about everyone was wandering around in a state of discombobulation, Ehren Schwarz was hitting his stride.

“I was averaging 70 some hours a week at work and taking 12 credit hours at school along with five or six days a week at the gym,” Schwarz says. “And I was able to come out with a 4.0 GPA, and l lost 40 pounds the healthy way.”

Later in the year, he rented his first apartment and celebrated his 26th birthday. “Oh, and I just upgraded vehicles recently,” he says, “and I got a truck I’ve been wanting since I was like freaking five years old.”